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1908 - 1946
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Edgar Odell Lovett, a mathematician and astronomer at Princeton University, accepts the Trustee's invitation to serve as Rice Institute's founding academic head.  President Lovett lays the foundation for the university's dual commitment to undergraduate education and seminal research.  His extraordinary vision continues to guide Rice's tradition of academic excellence.

After visiting educational institutions around the world and studying their educational practices, Lovett assembles his founding faculty of 12 men dedicated to teaching and scholarship in the disciplines of English literature, German, French, pure and applied mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, electrical engineering, physical education and architecture.  By 1946, the faculty grows to 62 members in 20 subject areas divided into academic and science/engineering courses of study.

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Rice's first president, Edgar Odell Lovett, is inaugurated on October 12, 1912.
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