[September 30]

Rice Stadium, a spectacular engineering landmark in Houston, opens on September 30 to much fanfare. Herbert Allen '29, oversees a full team of Rice architectural and engineering graduates who design and build the 70,000-seat stadium in 9 months: architects Hermon Lloyd ‘31, William B. Morgan ’27, Milton McGinty ‘27 and Bradford McGinty ‘40; structural engineer Walter P. Moore ‘27 of contractor Brown & Root; and engineer Mason G. Lockwood ’27 of Lockwood, Andrews and Newnam (mechanical and electrical engineers). Rice Stadium is home to the football teams of Rice University, Texas Southern University and the University of Houston and to the Houston Oilers.

Legend has it that, when President William Vermillion Houston anxiously inquires whether the stadium will be completed in time for Rice's opening football game of the 1950 season, Herman Brown, a partner in the firm building the stadium, looks at his watch and asks President Houston whether the opening game is scheduled for the afternoon or the evening!

Rice Stadium remains the largest in the Houston area until Reliant Stadium, with 71,500 seats, opens in August 2002.

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Stadium, 1950
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