After 13 years, 50 GALOR (Gays and Lesbians of Rice) students and faculty finally feel “comfortable” before the camera.  Founding faculty sponsor Chandler Davidson notes, “Like other groups who were discriminated against – blacks, Latinos, women – the GLBT community at Rice knew what it felt like to be held in contempt for something they had no control over and for which they were not ashamed.  Unlike these other groups, however, they had the ability not to disclose the aspect that made them the object of others’ contempt and even hatred.”

In the 1990s, Davidson adds, the group’s name changes again – to PRIDE – and by 2012 becomes Q&A (Queers and Allies), “which says something about how far Rice has come since that hesitant young woman [Annise Parker] mysteriously asked me to call the phone number written on a piece of paper back in the seventies.”

1993 Campanile
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