Students organize a Rally Club - or pep squad - of non-athlete males to create "a closer knit student body...that might work for a greater co-operation with Houston and the outside world" and cheer at athletic events. An executive committee of 8 or 9 chooses about 50 men - all volunteers - to "toot Rice's horn athletically" and organize dances and celebrations. Standard activities in the early decades include a Football Dance, parties and demonstrations at football games. As social mores change, the Rally Club moves with the times and instigates pranks and other challenges to authority.

A list of cheers from the 1970s includes the following: E to the X, D-Y, D-X. E to the X, D-X. Secant, tangent, cosine, sine... 3.14159! Cube root, square root, BTU, compass, slide rule... GO RICE U!

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