James Bernhard '59 is the 1st Rice student to receive a Marshall Scholarship for graduate study in the United Kingdom. Marshall Scholars are recognized for their potential to become future leaders. Established in 1953 by the United Kingdom, the program strengthens the enduring relationship between British and American institutions and thanks the United States for supporting General Marshall's European Recovery Program (Marshall Plan, 1947) that ensured recovery after World War II.

Rice's 23 Marshall Scholars include:

1959: James Bernhard
1965: William Broyles Jr.
1967: Jerome C. Hafter
1967: Donald Q. Lamb Jr. 
1969: Roland T. Smith
1973: Sharon Hott (Deitz)
1975: Augustine P. Martinez
1983: William T. Shea Jr.
1985: Roger A. Hoskins
1986: Charles A. Bier
1987: Leslie A. Henderson
1989: Gregg S. Robins
1991: Girish V. Putcha
1996: Genevieve Crane
1997: Coulter H. George
1999: Justyna P. Gudzowska
2002: Laura K. Gardner
2008: T. Grant Belgard
2009: Shuai "Steve" Xu
2011: Anthony Austin
2011: Jing Luo
2012: Kareem Ayoub
2012: Jessica Steinberg 

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James Bernhard, 1959, Rice's 1st Marshall Scholar
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