[October 24]

300,000 Houstonians line a parade route from the airport to the Shamrock Hotel to welcome President Eisenhower on October 24. At 8:00 p.m. the President addresses nearly 3,000 active alumni, faculty, staff and students in the gymnasium. The nonpolitical public policy speech is televised and broadcast on the radio. Eisenhower tells his audience that public policy must have long-term, recognizable goals; that national solvency undergirds national security; and that Americans must balance local and federal authority to maintain liberty. "Keep government close to home," he declares. The next day he departs for Mexico, his last presidential goodwill trip to a foreign country.


Provost Carey Croneis welcomes President Eisenhower, whose visit to Rice occurs while President William V. Houston is on a 6-month health leave.
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