On February 10, trial opens in state district court regarding amendments to the 1891 Rice Charter.  A month later, the judge finds in favor of the petition filed on Rice’s behalf in February 1963 and upholds the Attorney General’s ruling.  Rice will now be able to admit students of all races and will be free to charge tuition.

 Even as the Trustees await results of the appeals process (that continues until 1967), they admit African American Raymond L. Johnson as a doctoral candidate in the fall of 1964; he receives his PhD in 1969.  They announce tuition charges for the 1965-1966 academic year, and in the fall 1965, they welcome 2 African American undergraduates, Jacqueline McCauley and Charles Edward Freeman III.

 The Trustees authorize a Financial Aid Office and establish university policy to provide scholarships to all qualified students who need financial assistance.


Raymond L. Johnson
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