A ferret, a refrigerator and a hurricane walk into a coronation ceremony...

In the 1940s Rice students abandon their tradition of crowning female homecoming queens, who rule attired in ball gowns. The Rice community nominates masters' spouses and children, a cat, a toad, an iguana, a saint, a car and a former Texas governor for this coveted position. Here are a few highlights from years past.

2011: Saint Arnold Centenni-Ale is crowned Homecoming King.

2008: Hurricane Ike, Homecoming King; Kathy Collins, Rice’s vice president for finance, Homecoming Queen, beating out Rice's "Who Knew" marketing campaign for the honor.

1996: Richard Smalley is crowned Homecoming Queen.

1995: A ferret named Doofus is so popular he is elected Homecoming King.

1993: Lovett College secretary and Longhorn Kelly Harp wins homecoming queen (over Beavis and Conrad Bain, the father in "Different Strokes") and is crowned at the game against UT before her fellow alumni.

1978: The Creature from the Black Lagoon (Marshall Welch in a lagoon creature mask, claws and ivy-league garb) takes royal honors.

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King Centenni-Ale
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