[November 17]

On November 17, in a maroon-filled Rice Stadium, the Owls stun the Aggies with a 17-0 lead at halftime. At this point, the MOB, armed with its usual artillery of satirical humor, takes the field. The drum major, parodying A&M's cadet corps seniors, wears rubber boots, while the entire band wears a motley assortment of headgear. The MOB forms a fire hydrant to honor A&M's collie mascot, Reveille, while a twirler parades with an empty leash to "Where, oh Where has my Little Dog Gone?" Finally, the MOB forms a ragged A&M block-T to "March of the Wooden Soldiers."

As the MOB returns to the stands, a cacophony of obscenities, insulting gestures and challenges to fight explodes. Students assault 2 band members and knock 1 down.

After the Owls win the game, the stadium empties. Only the MOB remains, surrounded by Aggies while Aggie fans from the upper tier toss cushions and ice on the hapless MOBsters. Enraged Aggies trap the MOB in Rice Stadium tunnels for hours until Rice administrators send food trucks to haul the MOB, playing the "Star-Spangled Banner," out of the stadium to safety.

You can view the script in the MOB archive.


The leash is empty. "Where, oh Where has my Little Dog Gone?"
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