In 1912, Rice football kicks off and goes 3-2 in its inaugural year.

Cheers range from a math equation, adapted from what might have been a prior MIT cheer, to a yell that entirely spells out "William Marsh Rice Institute for the Advancement of Arts, Letters and Science."

Even today, Rice may have the only stadium where banners proudly display and recognize the achievements of Rhodes Scholars, Pulitzer Prize winners and Nobel laureates. Take that, competitors!

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The Rice football team was established in 1912 and goes 3-2 in its first year.
1912 Rice Football team. Top row, left to right: Garnett, Smith, Taylor, Standish, Minners, Brigham, Journeay, Coach Arbuckle; middle row: Wilkenson, Goodwin, Cummings, Wooten, Botts; bottom row: Aten, Farr
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