Engineering Dean George Holmes Richter invites Franz Brotzen to teach at Rice Institute and suggests he interview on May 31.

Brotzen expresses surprise, "You want me to interview on Memorial Day?” Brotzen asks. “Are you sure?”

“We don’t celebrate Memorial Day in Texas,” Richter informs him. “We celebrate San Jacinto Day.”

Brotzen's career at Rice spans more than half a century, from 1954 to 2009. He founds the university's 1st materials science program, serves as the dean of engineering (1962-66) and becomes the master of Jones College and Brown College. He wins 4 George R. Brown teaching awards, the Gold Medal from the Alumni Association and the Student Association’s Mentor Award.


Before coming to Rice in 1954, Professor Franz Brotzen served as a U.S. intelligence officer in Germany during World War II and lived in the deep interior of Brazil selling pharmaceuticals by horseback, muleback and canoe.
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