[October 29]

Rice dedicates McMurtry College as the 10th residential college. Named for donors Burton ’56 '57 and Deedee Mack ’56 McMurtry, the college features a green roof terrace, rainwater collection, prefabricated bathroom pods and energy monitoring, all factors earning Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) gold status for the building. Burton and Deedee McMurtry pledge $32 million to the Centennial Campaign, specifying that part of the gift be used to improve the residential college system, and contractors break ground August 28, 2007.

The college features a commons affectionately called the Yurt, an iconic 5th floor sun deck and a campfire pit in the quad. Murts’ purple and silver pride already rages through campus during a Celtic raid, complete with conch shell blasts in the distance, and Murts enjoy celebrating international culture with weekly Bollywood movies, salsa dancing and bagpipes. 


A rendering of McMurtry College.
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