Rice trustees revamp the Board to reflect the increased size and scope of university activities. The Board files suit requesting a charter change to allow expansion from 7 to 25 voting trustees and to alter the residency requirement so that only 50 percent of trustees must live in Texas. In 1998 the term and alumni governors then in office are made voting trustees, bringing the total membership to 19 that year. Trustee membership reaches 25 in 2002. Trustees must take emeritus status at age 70, and  the alumni association continues to nominate 4 members for 4-year terms.

The Board also sues to amend the charter to allow debt financing, a major change from William Marsh Rice's insistence that Institute expenditures not exceed income and that the Board not take on debt of any kind.


Seated left to right: Charles Duncan, Kent Anderson, Paula Mosle, Lee Jamail, Bob Maxfield, Bill Barnett; standing left to right: Bucky Allshouse, Matt Georges, Evans Atwell, Steve Shaper, James A Baker III, Steve Smith, Jack Trotter, Bob McNair, Ralph O'Conner (up), Dino Nicandros (down), Gus Schill, Burt McMurtry
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