1966 College Bowl Video, Chapter 1

1966 College Bowl Video, Chapter 2

1966 College Bowl Video, Chapter 3

For 4 weeks in May Rice wins the nationally televised General Electric College Bowl before an audience of millions. The undefeated team, coached by economics professor Ferdinand Levi, establishes College Bowl records for the highest score in a game (450-5 over Chattanooga in the 5th and final round on June 5) and the highest cumulative score. They also astonish the audience with their responses. More than once, team member Lawson Taitte identifies a piece of classical music before a single note is played based on clues in the moderator's introductory comments.  When the team is asked to recite the opening lines of the "Aeneid" in English or Latin, Harriet Mauzy and Gordon Braden begin reciting in Latin without making eye contact. Teammates Gorden Braden, Don Des Jarlais, Bill Kennedy, Harriet Mauzy and Lawson Taitte are crowned undefeated champions.

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